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T-Shirt Quilts

Hello, my name if Caroline and this is where you start to reading about how to get your t-shirts made into a beautiful quilt. 

Please read through this whole page and ask me questions by emailing the address sprinkled throughout this page.

Yes, that is me holding this quilt below. My clients include a mayor, hockey players, CEO's and regular folks who just love my work. All client information is absolutely never shared. You must give me permission to share your progress and finished quilt in the contract emailed to you.

 Custom pricing is based on how many t-shirts you have and what you want done. This photo above had 37 plus t-shirts and wanted it custom shaped at the corners so that it fit snug around their queen size bed in a motor home.
 I can do anything!

 This one is slightly smaller than queen without a border and this was a good size for my client. Thats me and friends holding up this quilt on the Quick Bridge.

Thanks to Mr. Good Earth Quilting for being such a great quilt holder! :)

 The back side of each quilt I make is always a random selection based on the colors chosen by the client.

Reversible T-Shirt Quilts

Double sided or reversible t-shirt quilts are done as seen in the next photo.

This is one of the quilts that shows what can be done with a client who wants a double sized quilt, but didn't have a lot of t-shirts saved up. 

 The backside of this quilt is using the back of each t-shirt used because the client it that way.

Each quilt is completely different from the next.

I check emails throughout the day!

I do all my own free motion machine quilting.

The above quilt was for an extra long size.

Displaying DSCF8760.JPG

Above is a Custom design using only one t-shirt.

Bye for now and thanks for reading about how to get your One of a Kind T-shirt Quilt.

Bye for now,

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