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Stitching Crazy

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I am super charged like a wee bunnie! And I wanted to reassure my readers that I'm NOT going anywhere. You can be content that I will still be posting the projects I'm working on and give you all a progress report for my new adventures!

I am back to working on the new details of Blooming Crazy which I started last year. And its given me a new perspective on what is actually crazy quilting.

Stitching happy little trails and new pathways is about me finding the bliss I've wished for quite some time. New pathways and happy little trails are just where my steps will take me. I have begun to find my bliss and I'm determined to get back to fun!

Fun stitching, fun sewing and fun life.

This a long time crazy that is getting finished and will soon have a complete version for you.

Do you find yourself singing while you stitch? I have a new friend who is helping me with gratitude. While she is working on my feet and I'm relaxing, I listen to her soft voice singing songs of relaxation. Its really something this reflexology.

Here is shout out for anyone living in Duncan or area and you want to have a look at reflexology, Stephanie is a special person, very qualified and super calming. 

an image of the arm of a woman who has been doing pushups and you can see her flexing her right bicep

Stephanie is reaching her goals of increasing her muscle mass. 

I have been so stressed out for so long with real estate, its been massage, reflexology and more exercise to get my head in line with my body. You all know that once you're over 50 years young, you are not going to shed bad vibes and stress right away. That darn stress gets into your viens, your muscles and it needs to be trained out of my body anyway. 

Meeting Stephanie has given me a new way of looking at things, people, judgements etc. If you want to follow her blog and get the affirmations of love for the planet and all thats offered freely to us from the Great Mother Earth, follow Stephanie's blog.

What do you do to de-stress?

Personally I love to stitch, I find that very relaxing while invigorating my brain at the same time. Maybe I don't know what de-stressing is?

Maybe I'm going around in circles. I need to reach out and start meeting more local quilters.

And have a table runner of circles getting finished her this week, maybe even tonight.

And my first altered clothing piece is coming to a close as well, so keep your eye peeled for me modeling,,,,,yikes that is a crazy thought!

I've added ties to this mix as well. They will form a better foundation for button holes and buttons.

I have added another gathered section because it was way too short! This is fun for sure and I encourage you to give it a whirl!

Happy stitching! Till next time.

Blogging My Way Somewhere New

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Do you ever think about why you are writing a blog?

I ask myself this question frequently. I have much to share on quilting, stitching, and free form embroidery. I'd dreamed of being able to work from home like many others have done too, right?

We all love to hang in our PJ's, being productive and efficient if we could right? Its amazing how many of us wish to make some money from the hobbie/addiction crafting activity we all love. If you share this idea, have a blog and want to expand your intermediate quilting by some of the ideas I've shared with you in this blog, let me know?

 I began writing my blog with a spirited awareness of the enormous size, complexity and complicated nature of the Internet. I understood that our very large world could read my blog or not.... if you don't pay attention  and forget about your blog, your ideas can sink to the bottom of the lake!

I am a person who loves to read. I have wide interests and with gardening right around the corner, I am very excited about that first garden in the Cowichian Valley.

2018 is here, its clear there is no going back to the height of the 1970's when my nimble fingers hand sewed without stopping for hours on end. Back to the days of making my own clothing by hand and enjoying every minute of it or can I do that? Wait, yes, that's all possible again.

I found a box inside a box recently and came across 7 journals. Mostly it was old stuff that isn't really important to my quilting today or to anyone else. I began watching a Netflix movie last night and going through these journals and the glorious fun memories I have discovered.

And look at the joyous books I found??

Have you heard of Maria Peagler?

I discovered her sassy style and out in front style of social media left me learning a pile of good stuff from this young woman.

I've been reading and gleaning everything I could from her book "Promote Your Quilt Product with a Blog Tour" and some of that will become evident soon enough.

I have created some awesome workshops online for anyone to purchase. I will soon share all the details, but finding those books has been a major gratitude dance this first month of this privotal year for me.

And this little circles table runner has gone into the pre-quilting stage, while the other table runner is going to start hand quilting tonight. I've had toe surgery today and need to get my foot up right away.

I have lots to share of the developments I've been working on in the back ground for quite sometime and really excited to be almost there to share with all of you.

I can say it now, I'm going to be moving towards a new blog site later this year. And no, chickens are not involved! unless they are on the barby!

Stitching and Altering

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I have just decided that the time has come for me to start really altering some favorite shirts purchased recently that when laundered they shrunk up and became too short for me to comfortably wear.

You know?

And I have become inspired again! My time these days are less frequently allowed for working on finishing quilts is coming along too.

I have made progress on two wedding gifts from one of the weddings from last summer. Love birds requested two table runners. This blue and red zig zag is coming along.

I think its just about ready for machine or hand quilting and I haven't decided on which for those yet.

And I've finally begun playing around with the Japanese 'Boro" form of quilting and big stitches that I new I'd to love to do.

And my son's childhood sewing project that I have begun to crazy quilt around is on the table again with more improvements that is going well.  Photos on how that progresses is coming along in the coming weeks.

And I am inspired again by that little cute table runner that went flying across the waves and miles of B.C to my friend Nola of Telkwa, I will make more.

Happy days are here again! Strike up the chorus and band, I've found my mojo again.

2nd Chapter-Duncan Farmer's Market

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

This year has been uplifting, heart felt, stressful and challenging. Moving causes change. And we all know that the only person who loves a change is a baby!

When I made this baby quilt, I didn't know that sewing fabric strips together and cutting them into strings was called "Chinese Coins" or something like that.

Quilting or not, we are constantly learning all the time. Playing with my fabric and threads are all I really need to be happy, but not healthy. 

This post on Dec 31, 2017 is my New Year Eve reflection on 2017 and the last decade of my growth.

Healthy lifestyle is just as important as what we play with to enjoy life. 

I took the 2 week challenge of Low Carbs High Fat with I have started back to my routine of rising early, off to the pool and home again for breakfast. All, any of us can do is to go forward, not become stagnant. 

Update on LCHF lifestyle change. I've lost 3.5 lbs and 7 inches on my waistline!
I'm sticking to it.

Learning new things in my life became a lifelong "love" when just a child. I learned to pay attention and be aware of those around you. I learned how to escape the childhood family struggles and find peace in chaos. I can still focus and block out the world. I think that is a quality that allows me to be the busy woman working towards new adventures while growing older.

Sharing online since 2007 has been a wonderful experience. I've come to see and learn from others who openly share stuff about quilting!

Thank you to the people of Smithers who supported my entry into becoming a working craft artist.
That is no small feat! But continuing to move towards a goal was and still is the most important thing you can do for all of us.

I remember a time in the 1970's when I was making my own clothes by hand because my little home had no electricity and I used a camp stove for cooking. 

Ya, I was a Hippie Chick for a time. I met many wonderful people since then and many of those helpful women passed on tips and techniques to me.

I am overjoyed to see this lovely local sewer who makes these darling little dresses. You can find her at the Duncan Farmer's Market year round.

Many towns and cities have a Farmer's Market popping up with their fresh produce, hand made goods, clothing and more. Sewing should be a Red Seal Trade in my opinion.

Knowing how fabric behaves and how it can be sewn and what needle design is best for the task to be done. These little things are just a tiny part of what makes a sewer a good one.

I strive to meet the demands of a well made product that people really want.
I want to sell profitable items at my new booth at the Farmer's Market and if you know of such products, share with others who are not in your marketplace.

Its a new start for me in Duncan, its been a big move for us to finally get to Vancouver Island. We are Islander's now.

Teaching workshops and selling locally hand made items from the Farmer's Market in Duncan is my goal.
Wish me luck!

Happy New Year!

The Aqua Table Runner-Finish #5 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Let me tell you something funny. The bins and boxes of quilting supplies and fabric chunks of all kinds were going into the bins beginning in the summer and fall of 2015. I began culling the supplies I decided to pass on to others. On one of my trips into Smithers, I pulled up to the thrift shop back door unloading area and a helper came out. She took one look at me, turned around and closed the door. 

I thought that was a little wierd reaction, but wasn't going to worry about it. I was far too busy to worry about a door closed in my face.

I placed with my boxes onto the table at the back door and suddenly the woman reappeared with a few more ladies in tow. 

She came out and explained to the other women 'This is the lady who made the centennial quilt' and 'look, she is giving more fabric away again!" She then went onto explain, that they started noticing an increase in their sales of fabric pieces and wondered if a quilter had died!

We all had a good laugh about that and gave my business card to the giggling women.

This is the valley we moved away from last year. We love this area so much, we moved to there first in the 1980's and back again in early 2000's. Its quite a perfect little area with tons of outdoor recreation activities at your doorstep.

Great place to raise children.

Loads of really friendly First People who share their knowledge with everyone. This photo is the graduation photo of those who learned how to make moccasins. I was one of them but not in this photo.

We miss seeing people we've known for several decades and we miss having the Bulkley River at our doorstep, less than 100 ft from its shore it provided us with cool water on a hot sunny day, July spring salmon fishing and steelhead run just minutes down river.

This was our path to the river.

But the lure of being closer to family, having more opportunities and a warmer climate on the South Island makes Duncan a perfect spot.

And we are meeting people, like this fellow Robert Cerins who turns out to be a school chum from my hubby's childhood. Both are musicians and artists, wow, that is wonderful!

I really urge you to visit Robert's page, link above to see his wonderful earrings. Handpainted and beautiful!

But lets not forget the Aqua Table Runner.

This was a gift for my friend who loves aqua color in general.

As you know, its been a while to getting my new home organized and my new sewing womb ready too! This was one that I intended to get ready for her birthday in Sept but blew that with all the unpacking back then.

I love to add the details of hand embroidery and this is so nice to have both hand quilting in big stitches and machine quilting for durability.

This table runner is going in the mail today and it will be in Nola's hands sooner than Santa Claus can get there.

Happy to be back to quilting again!
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